Unplugged Weekend was born in 2014 when the founders, Lucy and Vikki, met on a wellbeing retreat in the Sahara Desert. We provide group experiences to help people manage their digital habits and lead balanced, healthy lifestyles.


We love working with open minded people, organisations and businesses.

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See what happens on an Unplugged Weekend retreat

“Working with Unplugged Weekend really adds that credibility to our festival as a destination to truly digitally detox. They are also great fun and would add value to any festival that I know of.”

Jamie Sterry, Brand Activation Manager, Innocent Drinks

“It was a pleasure to have Lucy as a speaker at CCW 2016. Her personable style of presentation engaged the audience from the beginning to the end.”

Carsten Langensiepen, Europe’s leading event for customer service, communication and contact centre.

“I learned techniques to control digital distractions at  work. Since doing the workshop I’ve been much more productive and felt a lot less stressed.”

Matt Harmer, Creative Agency Director

“The Digital Detox workshop helped me to measure the impact of time I spend with devices. Rather than telling me to reject digital, the workshop leaders taught me how to keep control and use my time purposefully.”

Alice Shyy, Business Developer

“The digital detox workshop enlightened me, I was shocked at how much time I actually spent looking at screens, and when I got home I made some big changes. I now spend much more quality time with my family and my relationships have improved.”

Berni Britton, Family Mentor


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